Shaoxing Xinshan Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd

About Us

Shaoxing Xinshan Imp. & Exp. Co.,Ltd Specialized in three kinds business as following: LED products: Mainly for LED bulb, lamp LED, LED display, SMD LED and flux LED, LED light, LED flexible stripe and big power LED outdoor display projects as well.
Machinery products: Mainly for electric motor, pump, and food & vegetable process machinery equipment, hardware products, for example: Spring, nuts.
Other products: Mainly for textile, decoration products, for example pearl/pearl necklace, etc.
Arts & Crafts , Electrical & Electronics , Industrial Equipment & Components , Light Industry & Daily Use , Lights & Lighting , Textile
ISO 9000
LED Strip Bar,LED Ceiling Lamp,LED Display,LED SMD,LED Flux,LED Light,LED Bulb Lamp,Big Power LED Outdoor Display Projects,Lamp LED